Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wake Up Millionaire

Its one of our cherished desires to be rich.Come on face it! Everybody wants  that.

Millionaire Without The Effort

None of us would mind being a millionaire,except of course,without the effort involved. Well you know we'd all love being able to reach heaven,without even walking in that direction. We want lots of things from this world.Preferably lying on a warm beach all the time. That’s about all an average human aspires for.

Difference In Real Life

Yet the interesting fact is it doesnt happen that way in real life.Anything worth having in life is worth working for,and anytime something happens someone makes it happen,and God helps those most who help themselves.Sounds cliched? But those cliches are rooted in centuries of human testimony to work,industry,diligence,perseverance,
faith,confidence and clarity of purpose.


So what do you do next?

 Have A System In Place

It is recommended that the surest route to success is to have a system in place.You make one yourself.If you cannot,then imitate the  tested and  proven system of someone successful.Better still,someone super successful.Both - your system,or someone else's system- are known to work wonders.Eventually when you stand on  a tall dune of accomplishment and look back over your footprints in the golden sands of success,you cannot help thanking your stars for planting a solid system earlier on,that landed you on that high spot.Most millionaires and super rich folks surely feel that way.

Gentle Nudge

Often a gentle nudge at the correct time and place works  immensely to change your destiny for the better.This gentle nudge can arrive in your life in the form of  a mentor,an inspiration,a talk,a book,a TV show,or anything that fires your will and ability to reach out further than where you are right now.It can prove to be a turning point in life.Certainly this kind of stuff is not uncommon in this world.Nor is it a unimaginable in your lifetime,for yourself.I’m going to introduce someone who shares a somewhat similar experience in life.

Patric  Chan

Here we take a look at Patric  Chan,internet marketer,#1 Amazon author and reknown speaker who underwent such a transformation in life.He's rich,famous,successful,enterprising,and willing to share his experience and  knowledge with others.

Patric Chan is one of those “ordinary people” who is living an extraordinary lifestyle despite his “interesting” background. Living on a small island in Malaysia, never been to a college or University, having absolutely no network of association and starting with zero money, Patric is now an international speaker, best-selling author and entrepreneur.

To help people around the world achieve success, he specializes in breaking down complex success techniques and strategies into simple-to-understand concepts that can be applied instantly to their lives. Other than that, his success formulas are based on practical methods - not any ‘new age’ concept.

He has spoken in many countries such as the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, China, Hong Kong, the United Emirates Arab, Thailand, etc. Patric is also featured in a book with other authors like Brian Tracy, Robert T. Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Zig Zizlar, Tom Hopkins, Suze Orman, and others.

Patric has co-authored Clicking Cash with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of One Minute MillionaireMultiple Streams of IncomeNothing Down and Cash In A Flash.

His Success Trace Newsletter has thousands of subscribers from all around the world; through this newsletter, Patric shares new valuable success tips and information that will take the subscribers to the next level of personal improvement. 

His famous success system WakeUpMillionaire is worth a look and we will continue taking a peek at it in the next session.

What Do You Think

In the meantime you can share your views on why everyone doesn't work towards success as much as they should.Love to hear from you.

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