Thursday, 15 May 2014

Simple Secrets To Exploiting Social Media For Email Marketing

Opportunities Galore

·    Email marketing is a critical conduit for any online marketing success,and social media is increasingly becoming a lifeline for a great online campaign. Social media is an excellent opportunity to expand your subscriber base with a wide audience and cross-link  your business with different traffic sources.Once you integrate social media marketing with an email list, you can harness the power of both of these sources for even more traffic and engagement.This is an amazing tool for building excellent passive income later.
Social Media Tools Catapult Your Earnings

Frequent Contact

·       The more frequenty contact you have with your audience, the more profound and profitable is your relationship with them. It is absolutely critical to communicate with them on more than one front. Also make sure you know social networking and other sites your audience is using so that you can focus your email integration and interaction in those places. The ideal situation is you are  online wherever your prospects and customers are.

Spread Word Among Your Social Networks

·       When you are on  social networks, publicise your email sign-up page and “viralise”  those  powerful promotions you're offering. Your social media profiles is essentially a golden doorway leading to your sales funnel. Almost any social network can be leveraged to  prospects and obtain opt-ins.

·       The advantage with social networking sites is , they have  great tools that allow sharing of  content.That’s what Facebook's 'likes', Twitter's ‘re-tweets’, and Pinterest’s ‘repins’ help  people with.Some programmes that promote making money online have exploited social media extremely well.

Digging Into Mobile Goldmines

·       Lots of folks these days read their emails and socialize online with omnipresent mobile devices, so have to ensure almost everything is mobile-friendly. Don’t forget  to push out  emails in both text and HTML because some devices do not read HTML so easily,and we don’t want your audience flying away.

·       Mobiles do not offer themselves for typing easily , so your opt-in form has to be an easy  to fill out thing. Make sure that you have optimized landing pages for mobile,which later on will bank you richly with passive income .Test any templates that you're using. Make text large and images easy to view with short loading times.

Wave That Flag Over Your Blog

     A blog is another steaming  engine for  your social profile. Promote your email list widely on that blog. Place great stuff on the  blog's sidebar that's visible on each post and page acquire maximum exposure. Make sure that your offer or freebie is mentioned on your blog’s opt-in form.Place forms at the bottom of each post, or even in your header.

Magnetically Pulling  Subscribers Into Social Media

·       Integrating social media and your email list means sending traffic both ways, so get your list members to connect with you on social media. One way to do this is to add social media buttons to your emails. These are buttons like Facebook's 'Like This' and Twitter's 'Tweet This.' Using these buttons, your readers can share your content or comment on it without leaving the email message.

·       Some email services, such as AWeber, have social icons for networks like Facebook and Twitter that you can simply drag and drop into your emails. Then people can click on the icon to connect with you on those networks.

·       One of the best ways to encourage list members to connect with you on social media is by offering exclusive content there. Offer your audience a window to increase knowledge,wealth,residual income or opportunity.Offer something different in each place so they have a reason to visit you there.

Custom Tabs On  Facebook

·       Consider  creating  a custom tab on your Facebook page with a sign-up form so that your fans can sign up directly on your page. Ideally place  this tab is on one of the squares  right under your cover photo. It’s premium location of  “internet hoarding” visible as soon as surfers land on your main cover page. 

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